Biblical Moms Week

Dear Ladies,

It feels like so long since we were last together, and since we studied 1 Peter. We learned so much about how God's people are to live. We are called to be His holy, chosen people even in the midst of a society that doesn't want to know Him, who makes no room for Him in their lives or in their hearts.

Peter gave us sound advice as to how older believers are called to shepherd the younger ones around us. I love that so many of us put that into practice these past few weeks, either in VBS or Sports Camp. Can't you just imagine how God will use your kind words and gentle touch to impact those little lives?

In all those lessons I think what stuck with me most was a phrase I wrote in the margins of my Bible. "Don't Be Lion food". We had great discussion around this-especially in considering that lions don't roar when they're on the prowl, hunting. They don't want to alert their prey to their presence. They blend in, perfectly , colored by God, tawny tufts of hair blown by the same breeze that moves the Sahara grasses.

Our problem is that we don't travel in herds with one or two leaders ever vigilant watching for approaching danger. For most of our waking moments we're distracted by the busyness of life. We get caught up in work, and kids, and laundry, and groceries, and counting carbs and beating ourselves up when we can't get it all done as uickly or well as the woman next door. We doubt we're good mothers.

Discouragement, ladies. Makes us lion food. It's not wrong to want to be a good mom. It's an important job that we should strive to do well. Fortunately, we have a study for that. We're spending the next few weeks looking at some of the moms in the Bible and seeing what each has to teach us. They may not all have names, but they're important to God which makes them important to us.

See you on Tuesday. Love, as always, Renée

Now on to this week's lesson

Read Genesis 3 and Luke 1

Memory verse Genesis 3:20 " Adam named his wife Eve because she would be the mother of all the living"

1. Read Genesis 2:16-17 with Genesis 3:3. What did Eve add that God didn't actually say?

2. What consequences have you seen occur because someone twisted or added to God's word?

3. Gen. 3:6 tells us Eve game some fruit to her husband WHO WAS WITH HER!! How often do we get our husbands in trouble by our words and/or actions?

4. Prior to this even Adam and Eve stood on equal ground but Genesis 3:16 brings our first mention of submission to our husbands. How do you feel when you read that your husband is to rule over you?

5. Mary and Zechariah were both greeted by the same angel. Which of their responses most closely mirrors what yours might be if Gabriel stood before you?

6. Comepare the two responses each had in response to Gabriel's news. Why do you think Mary was allowed to speak afterwards but Zechariah was not?

7. Can you think of a time when you doubted one of God's promises?

8. One of the things for which Mary praises God is for His humbling of those who thought too highly of themselves. How has God used motherhood to humble you?

For personal growth:

How have you experienced the pain that came with Eve's sin? I'm not thinking about just the physical discomforts of pregnancy and labor. How have you experienced discomfort caused by your children- their actions, their behaviors or the people they associate with? How good a job have you done raising them? How fiercely have you prayed for them? When you pray are you most likely offering praise or petitions?Elizabeth was quick to announce that we would be blessed by the child that Mary carried. Is it sometimes hard for you to consider your child a blessing? If so, is that because of who they are or who you are?

For the good of the group:

What is the greatest blessing your children have brought to your life?