Ruth Week #5

Dear Ladies,
     It seems like so long since I posted our last lesson that I almost forgot what happened in our passage. Naomi had the right idea when she sent Ruth towards Boaz but I have to wonder about her thought process. So yes- pretty her up a little, make her a more enticing package, but no to the whole laying at his feet part. What was she thinking? Boaz and all his men were celebrating the harvest. I’m pretty sure a successful harvest was celebrated with a generous amount of alcohol. There’s nothing scriptural to support my imagining but I picture Ruth as sweet, young, pretty and vulnerable. It bothers me to see Naomi pushing her into a room full or drunken field hands. 
     When I imagine those ugly consequences it’s because I forget that she’s pushing Ruth towards Boaz, the man who greets his servants with their daily blessing. Just look at the way he greets her. He’s startled out of a sound sleep and rather than being irritated he’s curious. “Who are you?”
     Ladies I confess that my reaction to getting startled out of a sound sleep is anything but kind. How about you? How do you respond to life’s little interruptions ? Can we all just agree that Boaz sets a good example-inspiration vs irritation. As soon as he hears her name he acknowledges her kindness and noble character. He lifts her up and protects her reputation by sneaking her off the threshing floor. He shields her from groping hands and wagging tongues. Rather than taking the first woman who quite literally throws herself at his feet he protects her reputation for the one man who rightfully deserves first dibs. 
     I love that we get one more week to watch this drama unfold. I look forward to our time together.
     Love, as always, Renée 

Now on to this week’s lesson 
Read Ruth 4 with Deut 25:5-10 and Lev 25:23-23
Memory verse: Ruth 4:6  At this the guardian redeemer said “then I cannot redeem it because I might endanger my own estate. You redeem it yourself. I cannot do it”

1. From what you read in Leviticus and Deuteronomy describe a guardian redeemer (AKA kinsman redeemer)
2. Where do you see Boaz’s wisdom?
3. Why do you think he held back from revealing that Ruth was part of the deal?
4. Why do you think this other redeemer backed out when he found out Ruth was included?
5. How was the blessing of the elders prophetic in vs 11-12?
6. Google name meanings and search for Obed. What does this child’s name mean?
7. What other names branch off this family tree?
8. How does it encourage you to learn that your Saviour has a guardian redeemer in His family line?

For personal growth: A guardian redeemer was a close influential relative to whom members of the extended family could turn for help when the family line or possessions were in danger of being lost. It is God’s plan that families take care of each other. So what do your relationships look like? Are your family ties unraveling? How well do you honor your parents? Is there someone whose calls you duck? Texts you won’t answer? Do you avoid giving money because you’ll never see it again? Have you considered that perhaps you have that extra $20 specifically because God knew your daughter-in-law needed gas in her tank? How generous are you with your time when it comes to  family? Are you a willing babysitter? What are you doing to eliminate spiritual poverty in your own family?

For the good of the group: Who is the greatest source of wisdom in your family?