Walking Strong in 2019/Ruth Week #1

Study #1

Read Genesis 19 with Deuteronomy 23:3-6

Memory verse 19:37. The older daughter had a son and she names him Moab; he is the father of the Moabites of today


1. Who was Lot and what do you recall from past studies or sermons was the reason he ended up in Sodom?

2. What do you know about the culture of this town?

3. How deeply do you think Lot became entrenched in that culture?

4.  What goes through your mind as you see the lengths he'll go to in order to protect his visitors while simultaneously throwing his daughters under the bus?

5. Why do you think Lot was hesitant when it came to running for the hills?

6. Why did God spare Lot?

7. Describe Moab's conception and birth?

8. How does this series of events help clarify why Moses may have forbidden contact with Moabites or Ammonites in Deuteronomy 23:3-6?


For personal growth: 

We sometimes struggle with the idea that a just God would wipe a whole region off the face of the earth.  How horrible do you think a place would have to be before it should be wiped out? How much sin do you think God should tolerate? Are there particular sins or categories of sins that you wish God would overlook? What makes you want to excuse them? How likely is it that you will accept sin simply because it has widespread acceptance in today's culture? Where do you think God is asking you to draw the line?


For the good of the group:

How do you think today's reading will give you deeper understanding o the book of Ruth?