Strong Faith Week 1

Dear Ladies,

     It's so encouraging to me that God didn't tie this book up in a nice little bow. I love that Jonah stayed imperfect. I think I would have hated it if Jonah ended with chapter 3. Don't get me wrong. It would have made a nice little story. 

               Once upon a time, Jonah ran away from God. But God didn't let Jonah run away forever. 

               He came to Jonah's rescue and used him to save Nineveh. And they all lived happily

                ever after, THE END!

     Except that's not the end at all. There's a fourth chapter for a reason. I won't speak for the rest of you, but I claim chapter 4 for myself because I am just as broken as Jonah was. Even with all the grace God has given me I do not like it when good things happen to bad people. Make no mistake ladies, Nineveh was bad people. Sadly I'm bad people too. That's why I get so tickled when I see how God uses flawed people to accomplish His work. 

     Seems like it would be so much easier to do things Himself. But look who He chooses. Noah drank,Thomas doubted,Peter sank and Jonah pouted. He sat outside the city with a full head of steam going.  More than once! He was mad when Nineveh repented and then he lost his cool when his shade disappeared. And still God used him and loved him and preserved him in Scripture for eternity. There's hope for me yet. 

          Love, as always,RenĂ©e 

Now on to this week's study ( and a whole new study it is) We're going to cruise through different psalms until it gets too cold for us to keep walking

Read Psalm 91

Memory verse 91:2 I will say of the Lord He is my safeguard and my fortress, my God in whom I trust

1. It's funny how our lessons tie in together. One of the last things we read in Jonah was about God providing and then removing a shade plant for Jonah. What do you think it feels like to be in God's shadow?

2. In vs 3 it says He will save you from the fowler's snare. What types of things trap or ensnare you?

3. The image of being sheltered under wings is a common thread woven through scripture. Describe a time when you needed God's protection. 

4. What kind of things do you fear?

5. Is it comforting to read the words "It will not come over you"? Why or why not?

6. When you were last truly frightened and/or watching your world crumbling around you did it feel like you could cling to the thought that God was your refuge? If not- what got in the way?

7. Can you describe a time when you felt invincible because God stood with you?

8. God tells us in these last few verses that when we call on Him,  He answers. How would you explain this to someone who does not know God's love?

For personal growth: This Psalm is all about God's protective watchcare over those He loves. As amazing as that sounds, we wouldn't need an army of God's angels if we weren't heading into life's battles. How prepared are you to face what's coming? Are you battle ready? ( see Eph 6 re: holy armor) Do you trust that God loves you enough to protect you as He promises? What battle scars do you carry 

that might hinder your ability to give God the full measure of your trust? Are you willing to ask Him to remove any barriers that stand between you and Him? 

For the good of the group? How can we pray for you to fully embrace God's promise of protection?