What's New At Baptist Fellowship


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Celebrate with us

Good Friday April 19th

Easter Sunday April 21st

Good Friday at 7pm, we will remember Jesus paying the ultimate price on the cross with the production of “MY EASTER STORY.”

Easter Sunday is a family oriented morning filled with a number of activities to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

  1. Early Service (our Sunrise Service) at 8am

  2. Breakfast and fun (Family Portraits and Egg Hunt) 9-10:30am

  3. Late Service at 10:30am

FAmily Night at Baptist Fellowship

Our special family oriented night is once again starting up for the new school year.  Beginning with a healthy and delicious dinner (5:45pm,) we have fun activities (6:30pm) geared to help children grow spiritually, socially, intellectually and physically.  While the children are involved in their programs, there are studies for adults with a special emphasis this year of strengthening families to be able to navigate the ever changing secular culture we are immersed in. 

Groups for children PreK-12th grade

Groups for children PreK-12th grade

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On your marks, get set, go!

AWANA Grand Prix

On Sunday, March 31, we will be holding our first ever AWANA Grand Prix pine car derby! The cost is $5 per car kit. We will build the cars in-club on Wednesday nights. Family members are encouraged to participate, but must build their own cars. This event will kick-off at 12:15pm with a hot dog lunch, games, and a fun photo booth. The races begin at 1pm to allow families who attend other churches to arrive. Cars must be made from an AWANA kit and be inspected by 12:30pm in order to be eligible for racing.